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Clemens Insurance Agency is not just an aviation insurance broker, we are a family of aviators.

Whether you are a student pilot or a large company, Clemens Insurance Agency has the tools and experience to serve you.

The aviation insurance industry is changing rapidly. Insurance companies are increasing premiums and making underwriting requirements more stringent. Recently many aviation insurance companies have removed themselves from the marketplace due to losses. This leaves fewer companies to bear the risk load of the ever increasing aviation community.

It is important that you choose an insurance representative that knows the aviation insurance market and understands how to provide the most comprehensive and competitive insurance available. 

We at Clemens Insurance Agency have that ability! We don't just provide insurance quotes, we provide guidance through the entire insurance process. For example, if you are considering purchasing a new aircraft, insurance can be the deciding factor. It's common to see an insurance company refuse to insure due to the pilot's flying experience. Risk factors associated with aircraft vary greatly! Some aircraft are quite easy to insure, yet others can be a challenge. It's good to know where your aircraft is in the mix before you buy!

If you have a Corporate Aircraft, Managed Fleet, 135 Charter Operation, Flight School, Commercial Operator, Repair Station, FBO, Aviation Parts Distributor or an Aviation Parts Manufacturer, we can work with you to develop a comprehensive plan that can help improve the safety of your operation from an insurance prospective.

Times are changing. Many insurance companies are not willing to accept the large risks they have in the past. Quota-share or when multiple companies work together to absorb a single risk has become common in the industry. The ability to purchase the limits of coverage required to operate your business might not be offered if the insurance company negatively changes the risk outlook for your operation. 

A good loss history is the best way to keep your insurance premiums competitive, but there's more that you can do to make your risk appealing to insurance companies. Being proactive regarding loss control is vital. A pro-active loss control plan in place is a good start. 

Meeting the FAA minimum flight requirements could end up being a thing of the past for general aviation operators. Insurance companies are asking for more training, especially with owner flown turbine and jets as well as 135 operators. The airline industry has built a safety program for themselves that far exceeds FAA minimum requirements. AQP "Advanced Qualification Program" is a training platform built addressing specific risks in their industry. The safety record of the airline industry is proof that additional training works. 

AQP programs are starting to be implemented in the general aviation community. Hopefully AQP can provide a solution to what could possible cripple general aviation. 


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We are about relationships at Clemens Insurance Agency. Give Jerry Clemens a call on his cell 620-423-9860 and let him help you move forward through the turbulent air ahead. 

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