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Kansas aviation insurance coverage

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Aviation Insurance

If you are looking into aviation insurance, the best place to start is understanding the various policies and coverage available to you. Clemens Insurance Agency, LLC is happy to answer any questions you still have after reviewing the following information.

What is Aviation Insurance?

Some policies are very specific as to the types of accidents covered, and you don't want to be surprised when you need your insurance the most. Because of this, you should talk to a qualified aviation insurance agent, like those at the Clemens Insurance Agency, LLC, to tailor a policy that fits your situation, or to review an existing plan. Let's talk about the various aviation policies.

In-Flight Insurance

This aviation insurance covers your plane for damage that occurs when the plane is in motion. It is the most expensive aviation insurance since most accidents happen in the air.

Ground Risk Hull (Non-Motion) Insurance

This insurance covers a plane for accidents and damage while the aircraft is on the ground and not moving. This includes damage from vandalism, crime, animals, and natural disasters.

Ground Risk Hull (Motion) Insurance

This aviation insurance covers damages received while the plane is moving on the ground, usually during the takeoff or runway taxi.

Public Liability Insurance

This coverage is often required by law in Kansas and many other states. It covers damage to other people and their property. Where required, the policyholder must demonstrate the ability to pay for damages they cause while operating a plan. It doesn't cover damage to the policyholder’s plane or passengers.

Passenger Liability Insurance

This insurance covers specific pilots and planes by providing coverage to passengers while the policy holder is flying the plane. Passenger liability insurance pays for injuries and final arrangements in case of a fatality.

Combined Single Limit

Combined single limit (CSL) coverage is a bundled public liability and passenger liability insurance. There is a set limit per payout per accident.

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If you have additional questions about aviation, auto, home, or other insurance, call or stop by Clemens Insurance Agency, LLC in Parsons, KS today. Our experienced and professional staff will be happy to help you.


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