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Kansas farm insurance coverage

Farm Insurance

Farm owners will be happy to now that they can have their business covered with farm insurance. There is a lot to be responsible for in this business, including taking care of animals, machinery, equipment, vehicles, buildings, employees, and more. If you own a farm, Clemens Insurance Agency can have you covered.

Types Of Insurance For Farmers:

  • Dwelling Insurance – This type of insurance will help cover damages to your home (if your farm is your home), theft, damage of personal property, or your medical expenses.
  • Insuring Your Crops – A farm insurance plan will allow you to insure your crops from damage, low yields, or other causes that ruin your profit. The insurance plan will pay out enough to keep your farm afloat until the next harvest.
  • Insuring Livestock - It can be unpredictable if your animals will ever be killed or harmed before you can make a profit off of them. The death of just one cow can cost you thousands of dollars. The purchase price and potential profit from their offspring may be factored into your insurance plan.
  • Insuring Your Equipment – The operation of various equipment on your farm needs to function for your business to keep afloat. Things like pumps, refrigeration units, heaters, pressure valves, and more may be insured.
  • Liability – Working on a farm can be a dangerous business. Your employees may suffer from an injury, and sue. With the right insurance plan, you can have damages, legal fees, and medical costs covered.
  • Insuring Structures – Owning a large farm or ranch will require you to have some seriously large buildings on your property. These buildings can be susceptible to natural disasters, fires, or vandalism. This policy would protect those buildings.

You can have peace of mind when you insure all the critical aspects of your farm. If you're looking to compare farm insurance rates, then you should consider some of the competitively priced plans from Clemens Insurance Agency. Our agents can work with you to develop a policy that works best for your business needs.

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