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Home Insurance

Home is a place where your heart is, and that is where most of your net worth lies. Your house, in particular, is the most necessary investment and it would be wise to keep it protected with a home insurance policy. At Clemens Insurance Agency, we help homeowners and individuals around the nation to get affordable and comprehensive homeowner coverage so that they can have the peace of mind they desire. Some of the coverage that we offer caters for the following:

Liability insurance

It caters for any property damage and injury lawsuits. If a visitor is injured while on your property or if your kid destroys a friend's item and you are sued, this policy will cater for the legal fees plus damages. You can also opt to add coverage for slander and libel.

Your personal items

Electronics, furniture, tools, equipment, and clothes are protected under this category whether they are in your home or not. You may be required to add an extra coverage for jewelry or other expensive and valuable items.

Hotel and accommodation expenses

At times a tragedy may occur in your home, and it becomes uninhabitable. At such times, you will have to look for other means of accommodation as your home gets repaired. The insurance policy caters for both the accommodation and other associated expenses like meals.

House and other home structure

The coverage pays for repairs and rebuilding your house and other attached or unattached structures like the deck, swimming pool, shed, fence, and garage. You will be protected against calamities like fire and hail.

At Clemens Insurance Agency, we offer dwellers complete protection to ensure all their properties are safe. We have simple and intuitive online tools where individuals can fill the home insurance quotes online, and the tools will guide you to get the right coverage to suit your needs. Our experienced staff will discuss the quote with you and can answer any questions regarding home insurance. If you are looking for home insurance coverage, reach out to us today and let us offer our assistance.


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