What Parts Of My Home Will Home Insurance NOT cover?

Home insurance is a great investment to protect your home in the event of a disaster. Although, you should have realistic expectations that there are certain aspects of your home or property that are not protected. You should read your policy and understand what is or is not covered under it. You should also be diligent enough to learn Kansas’s home insurance laws to know your rights. To get competitively priced home insurance in Parsons, KS, Clemens Insurance Agency may have what you need.

Clogged Sewer Lines

Sewer lines can be problematic as they get older, which is the case in many homes in the United States. Pipelines can also get clogged by tree roots, sewage, and excess rainwater. Sewer backups can be more troublesome than a clogged toilet. It can sometimes back up water into the house and damage floors, walls, and its electrical system. Additional coverage will be required for most insurance policies.


Sinkholes are not particularly rampant in the area, but they will absolutely devastate a home when they do occur. These are basically gaps in the earth that happen after the rock is dissolved and will suddenly collapse. Insurance policies in Kansas will not cover damage from these disasters.

Termite infestation

Since so many homes in the country are made with wood, termites can be a major problem. As these little pests eat away at your walls and support beams, your home will eventually degrade and possibly collapse. The unfortunate part is that most home insurance policies will not cover this.

Now that you understand that you are not completely invincible with a home insurance policy, you can shop around with realistic expectations. You should always be responsible for taking care of certain parts of the property that are not covered so that you will not have to be a victim of a disaster. To check out a policy that fits your needs in Parsons, KS, be sure to reach out to the agents at Clemens Insurance Agency.