Should You Maintain Your Motorcycle Insurance Coverage When It’s In Storage?

Residents in Parsons, KS don’t ride the motorcycles all year long. The weather can be unforgiving on the plains, so storing a motorcycle during the winter months is a wise thing to do. At Clemens Insurance Agency, our agents encourage their customers to maintain some type of insurance coverage on all of their vehicles whether they are being driven or not. In the case of motorcycles, purchasing a storage policy can be a lifesaver.

Storage Insurance

Storage insurance is offered by many companies for vehicles such as boats or motorcycles that are winterized and stored for several months out of the year. The collision insurance is removed, and the vehicle is covered for damages that may occur once it has been placed in storage. This often includes water damage or damages caused by building collapse or similar accidents.

Maintaining Your Coverage

Most states require that you maintain some insurance on your vehicle for as long as it is registered to be driven. If you let your policy lapse for the months your motorcycle sits in storage, you may have to pay a higher price to have the policy reinstated once you bring it out and start driving it again. Dropping down from a full coverage policy to a storage policy allows you to maintain coverage without paying for the insurance you don’t use.

The agents of Clemens Insurance Agency can help the residents of Parsons, KS maintain vehicle coverage on their motorcycles and other vehicles that they store during the winter months. Our agents can answer any questions you may have and can perform a policy review to make sure you have the coverage you need.