Does My Row Boat Require Boat Insurance?

At Clemens Insurance Agency in Parsons, KS we are of the mind that it is always a great time to get out on the water

Before you do make sure that you are insured. Better yet make sure that you come into our agency so that we can take care of your boat insurance needs.

While the state of Kansas does not require you have boat insurance, most likely the bank that you have financed your watercraft with will require it.  Even if it was gifted to you having insurance protects your personal assets. Just like any other vehicle having boat insurance makes great sense to protect your personal liability in the event that an accident occurs, unforeseen damage befalls your beloved boat or theft occurs. 

In Kansas only motorized watercraft is subject to registration and numbering. That does not mean that you should not diligently protect your rowboat. Come in today so that we can discuss how best to protect your water career and make it "gently down the stream" as the song goes. 

Clemens Insurance Agency is located in Parsons, KS, 67357. You are welcome to come in and meet our knowledgeable and boat-loving staff today. Give us a call at 620-421-9999 to find out about boat and watercraft insurance as well as any of the other insurance products that we offer.  You can tell by our list of services that we like to have fun. We offer auto, home, commercial, life, farm, flood, aviation, toy and umbrella insurance.  We like to get out and about as well. We serve the following states: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Alabama, California, Colorado, Indiana, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas as well as Washington. 

What Type Of Protection Does Umbrella Insurance Offer Homeowners?

Perhaps you have heard about umbrella insurance, but have questions about its purpose and if you may require it at some point. Umbrella insurance is a policy that can provide additional coverage that exceeds your current policy in place. It is an excellent option for those in certain circumstances and can help give those individuals peace of mind.

Do You Need Umbrella Coverage?

Umbrella insurance coverage is a liability insurance policy that covers the policyholder beyond the limits of traditional liability insurance. For instance, if you have a situation where other’s property or person is at risk for damages that exceed the level of current insurance in place, you want to consult an insurance professional about your requirements and options for umbrella policies. This type of policy is excellent for people who live near water or who rent out their homes short term, for example.

Getting The Coverage You Need

Obtaining the right umbrella policy is the key to protecting yourself from liability issues. You need the assistance of a skilled insurance agent that can outline your needs and present policy options that make sense for your situation. If you live in or around the Parsons, KS area, you can count on Clemens Insurance Agency to give you the support and insurance product options you need to protect you and your family. 

An umbrella policy offers a higher level of protection for those who may be at risk for additional liability than their current insurance policy can protect them from in the event of a lawsuit. Get the answers you need if you live in the Parsons, KS area by calling or stopping by Clemens Insurance Agency today. 

Does Commercial Insurance Cover Perishable Inventory?

Commercial insurance is designed to protect your business structure and the equipment necessary for daily processes. In addition, this insurance coverage may also protect the inventory associated with the company. Keep in mind, however, that perishable inventory may be excluded from some policies.

Commercial Insurance And Perishable Inventory

Not all policies cover the same items, and that includes perishable inventory. Most policies cover items in inventory that aren’t volatile or perishable. If you have a business with items in your inventory that can spoil or go bad quickly, you may need special insurance that will cover such instances. Never shop for this type of insurance without the assistance of an experienced commercial insurance agent.

Securing Perishable Inventory Coverage

When you begin looking for insurance policies, you must find an agent that can help you get the coverage that also can include perishable items in your inventory if this is applicable to the situation. Clemens Insurance Agency has trained and licensed agents who can offer you policies that meet your need and don’t leave perishable items vulnerable to loss from any number of hazards. They have the answers you need and quality coverage that gives you peace of mind. 

Get Complete Coverage

Commercial Insurance provides protection for the company and its assets, but there may be issues with some policies if any perishable items are involved. There are special policies on the market that specifically outline the coverage for these items and allow you to operate without gaps in coverage that can be highly detrimental to a business in Parsons, KS. 

Get the answers to your question and policy options designed to fit your business’s individual needs with the help of the experienced agents at Clemens Insurance Agency, serving the residents and business owners of Parsons, KS. Get more out of your coverage and avoid loss with great insurance products. 

Why Do I Need Commercial Insurance?

When you have a business in Parsons, KS, you need to figure out how to protect it financially. This is why you need commercial insurance. What you need may vary dramatically from the business down the road, however.

Commercial insurance can be extremely vague, however. There are all sorts of coverage options that exist for business. Rather than being overwhelmed by the options, Clemens Insurance Agency can help.

One of the top reasons you need commercial insurance is to follow all of the necessary regulations within Kansas. For example, you will likely be required to have liability coverage. If you have a certain number of employees, you will also need to have worker’s compensation coverage in place. You will also need commercial auto insurance if you have vehicles out on the road.

Another reason you need commercial insurance is to protect yourself from financial ruin. Too many businesses want to “save money” by skimping on their insurance coverage. The problem with that is when there really is a disaster. Property insurance can protect your business against fires, floods, storms, vandalism, and more. Business interruption insurance can provide you with revenue when you are forced to close your business for a few days (or longer).

The reality is that you never know what’s going to happen with your business. You need to plan for the unexpected so that it isn’t your financial downfall. Not all businesses need the same level of coverage, so you have to figure out what’s needed and what’s desired.

Having the right commercial insurance policy in Parsons, KS can provide you with a lot of peace of mind. When you’re ready to start shopping for coverage, contact us at Clemens Insurance Agency. One of our independent insurance agents can talk to you about your business and begin recommending insurance products. 

What Are the Major Differences Between Liability and Full Coverage Auto Insurance?

At Clemens Insurance Agency, serving the greater Parsons, KS area, we are often asked about questions about auto insurance. We have found that many people are unsure of the differences between liability and full coverage auto insurance. Understanding the difference between these two is important, as it allows you to determine which option may be the better fit for you. Here are the major differences between liability and full coverage auto insurance. 

Liability Auto Insurance

Liability auto insurance is the cheapest type of auto insurance. When you are looking for basic auto insurance, or state minimum auto insurance, you are looking at liability insurance policies. Liability auto insurance only covers damage that you do should you hit someone else. The amount of coverage varies based on the coverage limits on your policy. This policy covers damage to another car you hit, the other car’s medical expenses, and property damage for accidents you cause. 

Full Coverage Auto Insurance

Full coverage auto insurance, sometimes called comprehensive coverage, not only covers damage that occurs when you hit someone else but also covers you and your car as well. If you hit someone, this type of policy will cover the damages done to your car and your medical expenses. This type of policy also covers things like theft and vandalism to your car. 

Are you in the market for a new auto insurance policy in the Parsons, KS area? Then turn to Clemens Insurance Agency. Whether you are looking for liability auto insurance or full coverage auto insurance, we can help you find the policy that is best suited for your needs. Call us now to get started. 

Should You Select Liability Only Insurance Once You Pay Off Your Financing?

If you are financing your automobile, you already know that the financing company requires you to carry full coverage auto insurance the entire time you are making your payments. Once you pay off your vehicle, you may wonder if you should continue to carry the same level of insurance or if you should downgrade to liability only. 

Changing Your Coverage

Once you pay off your vehicle, you may decide to decrease the amount of coverage you carry on your automobile. Only consider this option if your car is over ten years old, or you maintain your full coverage with less comprehensive coverage. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to financial losses as a result of minimal auto insurance coverage. Before making your decision, consult your auto insurance agent and let them help you find the right options for your needs.

Industry Insight

Working with an insurance agent who has a great deal of industry insight will allow you to make better coverage choices. They can outline your options and help you avoid mistakes along the way. If you want to make the most out of your coverage, consider obtaining your coverage from Clemens Insurance Agency serving the residents in and around the Parsons, KS area. They will work with you one-on-one to help you navigate the coverage process and keep you protected in the future. 

If you are unsure about the level of coverage you need after you pay off your vehicle, you should speak with an agent at Clemens Insurance Agency serving the Parsons, KS area. Get the answers to your questions and begin getting the insurance products you need today. Call or stop by the office for more details. 

Ways to Keep Your Home’s Exterior Safer

You likely value your home’s curb appeal, and that’s great, but remember to focus on its safety appeal too. That is, be mindful of keeping your home’s exterior safe. Here are some ways to do just that, courtesy of Clemens Insurance Agency serving the Parsons, KS area.

Repair walkways and sidewalks

Make sure you keep the areas where people walk around outside your home safe. That includes sidewalks, walkways, steps, decks, patios, and driveways. Repair and maintain them as needed.

Install adequate lighting

You should install adequate lighting on all sides of the exterior of your home. Lights should be bright enough to allow people to safely move around even on the darkest night. Also, make sure all lights have working lightbulbs at all times.

Trim bushes and weeds

It’s surprising how much the things that grow around your home can affect safety, but they can create trip hazards or limit visibility where it is especially needed. So make sure you adequately trim bushes, shrubs, grass, and weeds.

Remove clutter

Items left around your home not only look unattractive and messy, but they can also create safety hazards. For example, people could trip over toys, bikes, and lawn equipment left outside. So pick up everything and keep it put away at all times.

Salt, sand, and shovel

Winter brings both snow and ice, and with that come safety hazards. So make sure you properly salt, sand, and shovel all walkways, driveways, porches, and any other spots where people need to step and walk.

These are just a few home exterior safety tips for you to implement around your home’s exterior. If you need more ideas or information about home insurance, feel free to contact Clemens Insurance Agency serving the Parsons, KS area.

How are motorcycle insurance premiums initially calculated?

There is usually time taken to calculate what determines your premiums for motorcycle insurance carefully. A vast array of scenarios and details are taken into account and processed by the professional team at Clemens Insurance Agency in Parsons, KS before motorcycle insurance specifics can be adequately distributed and a policy can be created.

The first, as follows, will be that of age. Older motorbike riders are paying far less than what younger riders will. This only makes natural sense as experienced riders tend to hold the upper hand and pay the lesser price both upfront and in the long run, given the fact that they’ve been "in the game" a bit longer. They know how the system works, and they’ve likely been paying insurance longer as well. 


Also, believe it or not, annual insurance costs can significantly correlate with an address. Yes, where you live or have lived can play a huge role in all this. Those in busier, more traffic-loaded cities, for instance, can expect to pay a lot more. This is the same with those living in zip codes with high vehicle theft. Those who live in less at risk areas (rural or otherwise) will pay less.

Moreover, the motorcycle itself is a considerable predeterminer. It’s overall desirability, power, and especially cost, make the calculation. And more expensive bikes tend to demand more expensive insurance to cover costlier repairs or replacements. Clemens Insurance Agency, offering great insurance packages to Parsons, KS and more, is ready to lend amazing service. Let our experts teach you everything you need to know in the way of motorcycle insurance. We are proven experts with a desire to help. Contact us now. 

Tips for Preparing for Your Next Fishing Trip

If you’re new to fishing, you’re probably excited to head out onto the water and potentially reel in your largest catch yet. However, it isn’t that simple. You should contact Clemens Insurance Agency, serving Parsons, KS and the surrounding area, to get your insurance situated before you go on your trip as well as pack your boat accordingly.

Extra Clothing

It’s possible that you’ll get wet or muddy. Obviously, you don’t want to sit miserably while you’re supposed to be on an enjoyable trip. Therefore, you should pack at least one extra pair of clothing. Bringing a hoodie and a pair of warm pants isn’t a bad idea if you’re going fishing during a time when the weather is unpredictable or will eventually get chilly.  

Rain gear

You never know what’s going to happen when you’re on the water. You could go out on the water and it starts raining. Rather than sit in the rain, you can protect your clothing and keep dry with rain gear. 

Extra Water and Snacks 

While you probably already thought about packing food and water for your trip, you might not have considered you should pack extra. If something should happen while you’re on the water, you don’t want to get stuck without enough food or water. 

Fishing License and Boat Insurance and Registration

You never know exactly what will happen when you’re on the water. You could run into the game warden who wants to see your fishing license. On the other hand, you could get into an accident on the water and need to have your insurance information to exchange with another boater.  

Contact Clemens Insurance Agency, serving Parsons, KS and the surrounding region, to get a boat insurance policy before you go on your next fishing trip by calling 620-421-9999.

Umbrella Insurance: What Does It Really Cover?

If you have significant financial investments, a business, or a family you are trying to protect, having umbrella insurance can be the way to go. This kind of insurance covers claims above and beyond what your other insurance policies protect you for. It does not cover everything that could go wrong, but there are different options to consider when choosing this kind of policy and the level of coverage you are looking for. When you work with Clemens Insurance Agency for your Parsons, KS needs, you can get an umbrella policy that covers what you need so you can have better peace of mind.

Umbrella insurance can cover a multitude of different issues in life. But the key to this kind of coverage is that it takes effect after the original policy has been exhausted. This helps insure that you will have higher coverage levels than you may be able to get with a typical policy, so you do not end up in a problem because of a claim that was higher than expected. This can be a smart choice for someone who has significant assets, but it also works for people who have a bit less. Working with a good agent can help you choose what is right for you and what will protect you and meet your needs.

Your life in the Parsons, KS area is an important one, and by reaching out to the Clemens Insurance Agency today, you can learn about the coverage options you have with umbrella insurance. Then you will be able to select a policy that is right for you or modify a policy you already have to better fit your needs. The peace of mind you will receive this way is a vital part of enjoying life in this beautiful area of the country.