Why Is It Important To Have Aviation Insurance?

For most of us, flying is a dream come true. Owning, flying, or simply riding an aircraft is a thrilling and exciting experience. If you have a business in aviation, work in this field, or own an aircraft,  proper aviation insurance is what you need. 

Why is aviation insurance so important? 

First of all, aviation insurance (also called aircraft insurance) protects not only you, as a plane owner, but also passengers, pilots, crew, and cargo itself. It will also cover third parties in case of an aircraft accident, including the people who were on the ground and were injured during the airplane crash, the properties damaged in the accident, and even the crops that were plowed by the plane. 

In addition, aviation insurance covers losses caused by poor maintenance or loss of cargo, which is expensive to cover yourself if you do not have special insurance. The purpose of aviation insurance is to take away all of your worries regarding heavy costs and expenses as the policy will provide coverage for that. All in all, aviation insurance was created in order to protect aircraft owners, passengers, and operators. 

Yes, accidents do not happen every day. However, they do happen when you least expect them. That makes it so important to make sure you have the right aviation insurance in place. 

Clemens Insurance Agency in Parsons, KS with over 20 years of experience is ready to answer all your questions regarding aviation insurance and help you to choose the best coverage to protect you and your aircraft. Experienced and highly qualified insurance agents from Clemens Insurance Agency in Parsons, KS provide the best possible services available.  We make sure that you will get the insurance coverage that meets your needs and budget. 

Protecting Your Farm Assets With Proper Insurance

There is a lot of farm activity in the Parsons, KS region. With all of the farms present, there is also a lot of competition. With business for farms being so integral to society overall, farm owners are constantly working to try and protect their assets, their business, and livelihood. One of the ways to do this is to purchase what is known as a farm insurance policy. A farm insurance policy can do great things to help protect your farm insurance assets from top to bottom.

When you start to dig into farm insurance what you will find is that it is a combination of insurance coverage that will help to protect you at a personal level as well as a commercial level. When you own a farm and that farm is also your home, the farm insurance is going to cover your house, possessions, as well as personal liability for what takes place on the farm.

Farm insurance takes things a step further than home insurance though as it also provides coverage for what you have to run your farm day today. This is going to include things such s the livestock as well as machinery. There is a lot of costs that go into what you need equipment-wise to keep the farm up and running. With farm insurance, you do not have to worry about losses to your equipment, or even your livestock.

As a farm owner, you owe it to yourself to help protect yourself from risk exposures that exist. You do not want to lose your farm just due to one accident you had no control over. Work with the team at Clemens Insurance Agency to ensure you have proper farm insurance coverage today.

What Is a No Fault Accident?

In Parsons, KS, individuals who are involved in a "no-fault" accident normally have a lot of questions concerning who is responsible for their medical bills and the damage to their vehicle. The agents of Clemens Insurance Agency have the answer they are looking for. In many cases, what the individual finds out, may be surprising.

The Definition of "No-Fault"

If you are involved in a no-fault accident, it means that your insurance coverage will be what protects you. Your insurance will be responsible for not only the damage to your vehicle but also any medical bills that you have due to the accident. Your insurance will take over even if the accident is the other person’s fault and they have been cited for a traffic violation.

The Right Type of Insurance Coverage

Because your insurance must cover all aspects of your loss, it’s important that you have the right type of insurance. Having the wrong kind of coverage can leave you financially strapped, especially if you are severely injured or your vehicle is totaled. While it’s your choice to pursue legal action against the other driver, that will take time. Having the right type of insurance coverage will ensure that you get the medical care you need and your car is fixed and able to get you back on the road.

At Clemens Insurance Agency, the agents are able to assist you in finding the right type of insurance coverage that will meet your individual needs. If you live in the Parsons, KS area, call and ask for a consultation at your earliest convenience. The agents can provide you with valuable information so you can make an informed choice.

Will Home Insurance Protect Me From Theft and Vandalism?

Your Parsons, KS home is your castle, your place of refuge and safety from the world. Unfortunately, some seek to cause mischief and harm by invading or otherwise destroying our homes. While Clemens Insurance Agency can’t prevent the ill-actions of others, we can offer you a financial safety net in terms of a home insurance policy.

How a Home Insurance Policy Will Protect Your Assets From Theft or Vandalism

Your home insurance policy provides coverage not just for your home, but also for your personal property and personal liability should something terrible happen, including theft and vandalism. However, each part of this policy is likely to have stipulations, such as special limits of liability, in which you may be unable to recover the full amount of a costly item unless you have an endorsement. 

Another common question our Clemens Insurance Agency often fields is what exactly is the difference between theft and burglary, and what type of vandalism is covered? The following is a look at all three of these actions and how your home insurance will help:

  • Theft is when someone knowingly takes someone else’s property either without their knowledge or under false pretense. For example, theft is both a stranger taking your bike off your front porch and a neighbor asking to borrow it but never returning it. Your home insurance policy would cover both. 
  • Vandalism is the deliberate destruction of someone’s property, including both home and belongings. For example, both a person cutting down your trees without permission and a person spray-painting your computer are guilty of vandalism.
  • Burglary is entering a person’s property without permission. For example, a person opening your front door and entering without permission is committing burglary.

Learn More About Home Insurance

For more information about home insurance and what it does and doesn’t cover, contact our friendly Clemens Insurance Agency in Parsons, KS agent today. 


Do I Really Need to Take a Motorcycle Safety Course?

Motorcycle owners who live in Parsons, KS need an insurance agent they can turn to when they have questions or concerns about their insurance. At Clemens Insurance Agency, all of our agents have years of experience to draw from. This allows them to offer each client personalized advice and make sure they have access to resources like motorcycle safety classes.

Understand the Laws

In Kansas, the law states that anyone who is under the age of 18 must wear a helmet. Anyone operating a motorcycle must be wearing eye protection unless their bike has a wide windshield. A state-approved motorcycle course will go over these laws so that you will know what you need to do to comply with the law at all times. It’s also important to be aware of any changes that take place as time passes.

Handle Your Bike Safely

Motorcycle safety classes are designed to show you how to maneuver your motorcycle through a variety of situations successfully. This gives you the experience and knowledge you need to handle your bike safely while you are out on the roads. Working with a reputable instructor allows you to learn from someone who understands the risks and knows how to minimize them.

Call the agents of Clemens Insurance Agency if you live in the Parsons, KS area, and are interested in learning more about the benefits of taking a motorcycle safety course. Your agent will be able to give you the information you need and answer your questions so you will feel safer taking your motorcycle out on the road. Contact an agent today!

Do Hobby Farmers Need Farm Insurance?

Whether a person owns five acres, fifty, or five hundred, farmers enjoy working the land, growing things, and raising animals. Hobby farms are becoming more popular these days as people grow gardens, raise chickens, and enjoy the great outdoors. Many people may believe that their homeowner’s insurance policy covers their property and their farm, but that might not necessarily be the case. Here is what you need to know about farm insurance in Parsons, KS from Clemens Insurance Agency. 

1. Your farm buildings and structures may not be covered.

If a storm comes through and blows over your barn or a tree falls on your chicken coop, you may not be covered for these losses. Homeowners’ insurance is designed for homes and typical outbuildings. If you have invested in farm buildings, be certain that they are covered by checking with your agent.

2. You may need extra liability protection for your animals.

What if someone eats your farm-fresh eggs and becomes ill? What happens if your goats get out and cause an accident on the street? Will your homeowner’s policy cover that possibility? Maybe. Or maybe not. Farm insurance is tailor-made to cover liability issues related to livestock and other farm-related risks. 

3. Your vehicle may need extra coverage if used for farming activities.

If you use your truck to haul animals to auction or carry vegetables to the farmer’s market, you may need to slightly alter your insurance coverage to reflect the use of your vehicle. You don’t want to find out after you’ve had a problem that the usage of your vehicle for farming purposes keeps it from being covered under your standard auto insurance policy. 

Farm insurance is not one-size-fits-all. Your agent can find the policy that is just right for your hobby farm, whether you simply farm to feed your family or if you sell the products that you grow on your farm. Call an agent at Clemens Insurance Agency to talk about whether you need a farm policy in Parsons, KS. 

Does my auto insurance cover business use?

Does my auto insurance cover business use?

Clemens Insurance Agency wants you to make the most out of your side gig or full-time job in Parsons, KS. Many of today’s jobs like pizza delivery and Lyft or Uber driver pay well but require extra insurance. 

This blog examines whether a standard auto policy covers business use such as pizza delivery or driving for Uber. It does not.

You need specialized insurance if you want to drive your vehicle for delivery work. You are legally obligated to inform your insurance company of your job. If it finds out on its own, you could lose your insurance.

It gets worse. The insurer reports to others the reason you left their company. You must reveal it when you apply for new auto insurance. On typical forms, they inquire why you dropped your previous coverage and when. The new company checks with the old one and you can be denied for having lied to the first company.

How do they find out? You might get into an accident or have to deliver pizza to their house. The latter is just uncomfortable, but the worst-case scenario is the former because they probably will not pay for the accident.

You do not need a special policy if you only run work errands once in a while in your vehicle. If you simply drop off things occasionally for your boss or office on the scale of once per month, you do not need a commercial policy.

You need a commercial auto policy if you want to drive your car for business reasons. Visit Clemens Insurance Agency of Parsons, KS to discuss your auto insurance needs.

Winter Is Around The Corner! It Is Time To Review Your Home Insurance

Parsons, KS residents who are looking to prepare themselves for the winter weather to come may not have taken the time to take a closer look at their home insurance policies. While a current home insurance policy may seem to offer the necessary coverage, these policies do not always reflect a homeowner’s current reality.

After all, a policy that was purchased some time ago may not provide the level of protection that it should. That’s what makes policy reviews so crucial. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why these reviews are an absolute necessity.

Accounting For Significant Changes

A homeowner is not going to exist in the same living space, even when their residence has not changed. In order to remain prepared for the winter months, a homeowner must meet with an experienced insurance agent. These agents will let them know more about the changes that they have made and how they are going to affect the policy going forward. The chances are high that the homeowner has acquired new personal items that they wish to protect.

Discussing New Family Members

The insurance policy that is currently in place may not account for specific changes that have been applied to the family unit. For example, the homeowner may have gotten married recently. Maybe the homeowner has had children within the past year. They may also have friends or extended family members who are staying with them. These are all critical areas of discussion going forward.

Home Business Concerns

When a homeowner starts their own business and utilizes their residence as a primary place of work, this means that they will have to amend their insurance policy accordingly. The same goes for anyone who has purchased additional property that is going to be used similarly. 

Parsons, KS residents who are looking to receive a helpful annual review before the cold weather arrives are welcome to contact Clemens Insurance Agency. Take a moment to visit the Clemens Insurance Agency office or give us a call if you have any further questions. 

Do You Need Motorcycle Insurance in the Wintertime?

Riding a motorcycle can be one of life’s pleasures, but making sure that bike is properly protected is very important. If you own a motorcycle or you plan to buy one in the future, getting insurance on it should be a priority. At Clemens Insurance Agency, we serve Parsons, KS and the surrounding area and provide motorcycle insurance all throughout the state. If you don’t ride your bike during the winter, do you need to keep insurance coverage on it? Can you just drop the coverage and save that money, while the bike sits in your garage?

Technically, you don’t have to insure your bike when it’s sitting in your garage. If you’re not riding it, you’re not putting anyone else at risk of an accident. But if you don’t have insurance on it and it gets stolen or otherwise damaged, you won’t be covered. Most motorcycles aren’t ridden much during the winter or aren’t ridden at all. It’s too cold to enjoy them, and the roads can be icy, as well. But there are still other issues that could appear, and you want to be covered for anything that could go wrong. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep your motorcycle insured all year long.

Reach out to Clemens Insurance Agency today, and let us help you find the right insurance coverage for your Parsons, KS area motorcycle. That way you can have peace of mind all throughout the year, and make sure your motorcycle is protected. Our experienced agents will help you find the right policy, and make sure it’s something you can keep all year round if you want to. That way you’ll have the right coverage, and won’t have to worry about your bike when it’s cold outside.

Does My Row Boat Require Boat Insurance?

At Clemens Insurance Agency in Parsons, KS we are of the mind that it is always a great time to get out on the water

Before you do make sure that you are insured. Better yet make sure that you come into our agency so that we can take care of your boat insurance needs.

While the state of Kansas does not require you have boat insurance, most likely the bank that you have financed your watercraft with will require it.  Even if it was gifted to you having insurance protects your personal assets. Just like any other vehicle having boat insurance makes great sense to protect your personal liability in the event that an accident occurs, unforeseen damage befalls your beloved boat or theft occurs. 

In Kansas only motorized watercraft is subject to registration and numbering. That does not mean that you should not diligently protect your rowboat. Come in today so that we can discuss how best to protect your water career and make it "gently down the stream" as the song goes. 

Clemens Insurance Agency is located in Parsons, KS, 67357. You are welcome to come in and meet our knowledgeable and boat-loving staff today. Give us a call at 620-421-9999 to find out about boat and watercraft insurance as well as any of the other insurance products that we offer.  You can tell by our list of services that we like to have fun. We offer auto, home, commercial, life, farm, flood, aviation, toy and umbrella insurance.  We like to get out and about as well. We serve the following states: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Alabama, California, Colorado, Indiana, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas as well as Washington.