The Friendly Skies Are Friendlier When Your Aircraft Is Insured By Clemens

If you own an airplane of any size and are not sure of your insurance options and obligations, call or visit the expert agents at Clemens Insurance Agency in Parsons, KS. They are knowledgeable of all of the up to date aviation insurance requirements. Your plane needs to be insured while sitting on the ground as well as while in the air. You need to protect yourself against liability by having your passengers, if any, covered as well. Clemens Insurance Agency will answer all questions you may have regarding your aviation insurance.

Clemens will sit with you and explain all of the available options, and assist you in determining what is best needed for you and your plane. They offer an In-Flight insurance, which covers the plane while in the air, and a Ground Risk Hull insurance, motion and non-motion, which includes the aircraft while on the ground, in the hull, or during the taxi. There is the Public Liability insurance, which covers the property of others in cases of accidents, and the Passenger Liability insurance which covers all passengers while in flight or preparing to fly. 

There is also a plan that combines the public and passenger liability, and this is the Combined Single Limit. Let the experienced agents at Clemens help you with your aviation, and other insurance plans. They offer diversity, professionalism, and affordability. Clemens has an advisory service that will alert the customer if there are any changes or issues with their policy. Feel confident with the peace of mind in knowing that all of your insurance needs are met with Clemens Insurance Agency in Parsons, KS.