Is It Time To Upgrade Your Commercial Insurance?

Not all Parsons, KS businesses need to grow. The narrative regarding entrepreneurs is that the goal is to dominate an industry, but that’s not really necessary. In fact, it’s kind of silly that people think that every company wants to be the biggest company of its type. You don’t need to compete with Coca-Cola if you’re selling niche sodas. Coca-Cola doesn’t have a garlic flavored cream soft drink, but if that’s what your customers love, then that’s what your customers love.

The Growth of a Company

Your company can grow in ways that you didn’t plan and don’t expect. Maybe you want to keep making your hot sauce in a small factory, you don’t want to outsource to China or elsewhere. But, ever since you were featured on one of those food shows, you’ve been getting more orders than you can handle, so you hire temporary staff. Now you have to call Clemens Insurance Agency to talk about things that you never considered before, like worker’s comp and so on.

No matter what your plans may be, you can’t always expect them to play out exactly as you envisioned. On the upside, your business growing faster than you expected isn’t a bad problem to have.

Here’s what it comes down to: If something goes wrong, can you cover it out of pocket? If the answer is no, then that’s what insurance is for. If you find yourself in need of some extra coverage, then it may be time to call Clemens Insurance Agency in Parsons, KS and make sure that your commercial insurance policy reflects the needs of your business as it is now.