Do Hobby Farmers Need Farm Insurance?

Whether a person owns five acres, fifty, or five hundred, farmers enjoy working the land, growing things, and raising animals. Hobby farms are becoming more popular these days as people grow gardens, raise chickens, and enjoy the great outdoors. Many people may believe that their homeowner’s insurance policy covers their property and their farm, but that might not necessarily be the case. Here is what you need to know about farm insurance in Parsons, KS from Clemens Insurance Agency. 

1. Your farm buildings and structures may not be covered.

If a storm comes through and blows over your barn or a tree falls on your chicken coop, you may not be covered for these losses. Homeowners’ insurance is designed for homes and typical outbuildings. If you have invested in farm buildings, be certain that they are covered by checking with your agent.

2. You may need extra liability protection for your animals.

What if someone eats your farm-fresh eggs and becomes ill? What happens if your goats get out and cause an accident on the street? Will your homeowner’s policy cover that possibility? Maybe. Or maybe not. Farm insurance is tailor-made to cover liability issues related to livestock and other farm-related risks. 

3. Your vehicle may need extra coverage if used for farming activities.

If you use your truck to haul animals to auction or carry vegetables to the farmer’s market, you may need to slightly alter your insurance coverage to reflect the use of your vehicle. You don’t want to find out after you’ve had a problem that the usage of your vehicle for farming purposes keeps it from being covered under your standard auto insurance policy. 

Farm insurance is not one-size-fits-all. Your agent can find the policy that is just right for your hobby farm, whether you simply farm to feed your family or if you sell the products that you grow on your farm. Call an agent at Clemens Insurance Agency to talk about whether you need a farm policy in Parsons, KS.