What Type Of Protection Does Umbrella Insurance Offer Homeowners?

Perhaps you have heard about umbrella insurance, but have questions about its purpose and if you may require it at some point. Umbrella insurance is a policy that can provide additional coverage that exceeds your current policy in place. It is an excellent option for those in certain circumstances and can help give those individuals peace of mind.

Do You Need Umbrella Coverage?

Umbrella insurance coverage is a liability insurance policy that covers the policyholder beyond the limits of traditional liability insurance. For instance, if you have a situation where other’s property or person is at risk for damages that exceed the level of current insurance in place, you want to consult an insurance professional about your requirements and options for umbrella policies. This type of policy is excellent for people who live near water or who rent out their homes short term, for example.

Getting The Coverage You Need

Obtaining the right umbrella policy is the key to protecting yourself from liability issues. You need the assistance of a skilled insurance agent that can outline your needs and present policy options that make sense for your situation. If you live in or around the Parsons, KS area, you can count on Clemens Insurance Agency to give you the support and insurance product options you need to protect you and your family. 

An umbrella policy offers a higher level of protection for those who may be at risk for additional liability than their current insurance policy can protect them from in the event of a lawsuit. Get the answers you need if you live in the Parsons, KS area by calling or stopping by Clemens Insurance Agency today.