What are some of the benefits that come with Home Insurance?

When you get a home insurance policy in Parsons, KS, you don’t just insure your home but also its components. From your personal property to medical bills for you and your guests who are injured at your home, Clemens Insurance Agency helps you cover the following:

  • Your house: The whole building and any attached structures, like the garage.
  • Personal property: This coverage helps in replacing destroyed furniture and other personal items that might be destroyed or stolen.
  • Living expenses: If for instance, you cannot stay in a house after a fire because of damages, your homeowner’s insurance will help you pay for basic expenses and accommodations.
  • Detached structures: All structures around your home are covered in the structures coverage policy. This includes the shed and fence.
  • Guests: When a guest or neighbor is accidentally injured at your home, your guest medical protection policy will pay for the medical bills incurred.
  • You and the family: If you or your pet happens to injure someone or damages someone’s property, liability coverage will pay for medical bills or any related repair costs.

There are more additional benefits that come with home insurance. Below are some of the other hidden and unknown benefits that may be covered by home insurance policy:

  1. Student property on campus under parent’s insurance.
  2. Spoiled food due to lack of power or due to natural disasters.
  3. Home business. 
  4. Damaged tombstones or grave markers.
  5. Legal cost fees that you may incur if sued for anything relating to your home.
  6. Stolen car, including items inside it.
  7. Personal possessions lost during camping trips.

In need of Home Insurance? Get a quote from Clemens Insurance Agency in Parsons, KS or visit our office for more information regarding home insurance.