What Is a No Fault Accident?

In Parsons, KS, individuals who are involved in a "no-fault" accident normally have a lot of questions concerning who is responsible for their medical bills and the damage to their vehicle. The agents of Clemens Insurance Agency have the answer they are looking for. In many cases, what the individual finds out, may be surprising.

The Definition of "No-Fault"

If you are involved in a no-fault accident, it means that your insurance coverage will be what protects you. Your insurance will be responsible for not only the damage to your vehicle but also any medical bills that you have due to the accident. Your insurance will take over even if the accident is the other person’s fault and they have been cited for a traffic violation.

The Right Type of Insurance Coverage

Because your insurance must cover all aspects of your loss, it’s important that you have the right type of insurance. Having the wrong kind of coverage can leave you financially strapped, especially if you are severely injured or your vehicle is totaled. While it’s your choice to pursue legal action against the other driver, that will take time. Having the right type of insurance coverage will ensure that you get the medical care you need and your car is fixed and able to get you back on the road.

At Clemens Insurance Agency, the agents are able to assist you in finding the right type of insurance coverage that will meet your individual needs. If you live in the Parsons, KS area, call and ask for a consultation at your earliest convenience. The agents can provide you with valuable information so you can make an informed choice.