Does my auto insurance cover business use?

Does my auto insurance cover business use?

Clemens Insurance Agency wants you to make the most out of your side gig or full-time job in Parsons, KS. Many of today’s jobs like pizza delivery and Lyft or Uber driver pay well but require extra insurance. 

This blog examines whether a standard auto policy covers business use such as pizza delivery or driving for Uber. It does not.

You need specialized insurance if you want to drive your vehicle for delivery work. You are legally obligated to inform your insurance company of your job. If it finds out on its own, you could lose your insurance.

It gets worse. The insurer reports to others the reason you left their company. You must reveal it when you apply for new auto insurance. On typical forms, they inquire why you dropped your previous coverage and when. The new company checks with the old one and you can be denied for having lied to the first company.

How do they find out? You might get into an accident or have to deliver pizza to their house. The latter is just uncomfortable, but the worst-case scenario is the former because they probably will not pay for the accident.

You do not need a special policy if you only run work errands once in a while in your vehicle. If you simply drop off things occasionally for your boss or office on the scale of once per month, you do not need a commercial policy.

You need a commercial auto policy if you want to drive your car for business reasons. Visit Clemens Insurance Agency of Parsons, KS to discuss your auto insurance needs.