Will Home Insurance Protect Me From Theft and Vandalism?

Your Parsons, KS home is your castle, your place of refuge and safety from the world. Unfortunately, some seek to cause mischief and harm by invading or otherwise destroying our homes. While Clemens Insurance Agency can’t prevent the ill-actions of others, we can offer you a financial safety net in terms of a home insurance policy.

How a Home Insurance Policy Will Protect Your Assets From Theft or Vandalism

Your home insurance policy provides coverage not just for your home, but also for your personal property and personal liability should something terrible happen, including theft and vandalism. However, each part of this policy is likely to have stipulations, such as special limits of liability, in which you may be unable to recover the full amount of a costly item unless you have an endorsement. 

Another common question our Clemens Insurance Agency often fields is what exactly is the difference between theft and burglary, and what type of vandalism is covered? The following is a look at all three of these actions and how your home insurance will help:

  • Theft is when someone knowingly takes someone else’s property either without their knowledge or under false pretense. For example, theft is both a stranger taking your bike off your front porch and a neighbor asking to borrow it but never returning it. Your home insurance policy would cover both. 
  • Vandalism is the deliberate destruction of someone’s property, including both home and belongings. For example, both a person cutting down your trees without permission and a person spray-painting your computer are guilty of vandalism.
  • Burglary is entering a person’s property without permission. For example, a person opening your front door and entering without permission is committing burglary.

Learn More About Home Insurance

For more information about home insurance and what it does and doesn’t cover, contact our friendly Clemens Insurance Agency in Parsons, KS agent today. 


Winter Is Around The Corner! It Is Time To Review Your Home Insurance

Parsons, KS residents who are looking to prepare themselves for the winter weather to come may not have taken the time to take a closer look at their home insurance policies. While a current home insurance policy may seem to offer the necessary coverage, these policies do not always reflect a homeowner’s current reality.

After all, a policy that was purchased some time ago may not provide the level of protection that it should. That’s what makes policy reviews so crucial. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why these reviews are an absolute necessity.

Accounting For Significant Changes

A homeowner is not going to exist in the same living space, even when their residence has not changed. In order to remain prepared for the winter months, a homeowner must meet with an experienced insurance agent. These agents will let them know more about the changes that they have made and how they are going to affect the policy going forward. The chances are high that the homeowner has acquired new personal items that they wish to protect.

Discussing New Family Members

The insurance policy that is currently in place may not account for specific changes that have been applied to the family unit. For example, the homeowner may have gotten married recently. Maybe the homeowner has had children within the past year. They may also have friends or extended family members who are staying with them. These are all critical areas of discussion going forward.

Home Business Concerns

When a homeowner starts their own business and utilizes their residence as a primary place of work, this means that they will have to amend their insurance policy accordingly. The same goes for anyone who has purchased additional property that is going to be used similarly. 

Parsons, KS residents who are looking to receive a helpful annual review before the cold weather arrives are welcome to contact Clemens Insurance Agency. Take a moment to visit the Clemens Insurance Agency office or give us a call if you have any further questions. 

Ways to Keep Your Home’s Exterior Safer

You likely value your home’s curb appeal, and that’s great, but remember to focus on its safety appeal too. That is, be mindful of keeping your home’s exterior safe. Here are some ways to do just that, courtesy of Clemens Insurance Agency serving the Parsons, KS area.

Repair walkways and sidewalks

Make sure you keep the areas where people walk around outside your home safe. That includes sidewalks, walkways, steps, decks, patios, and driveways. Repair and maintain them as needed.

Install adequate lighting

You should install adequate lighting on all sides of the exterior of your home. Lights should be bright enough to allow people to safely move around even on the darkest night. Also, make sure all lights have working lightbulbs at all times.

Trim bushes and weeds

It’s surprising how much the things that grow around your home can affect safety, but they can create trip hazards or limit visibility where it is especially needed. So make sure you adequately trim bushes, shrubs, grass, and weeds.

Remove clutter

Items left around your home not only look unattractive and messy, but they can also create safety hazards. For example, people could trip over toys, bikes, and lawn equipment left outside. So pick up everything and keep it put away at all times.

Salt, sand, and shovel

Winter brings both snow and ice, and with that come safety hazards. So make sure you properly salt, sand, and shovel all walkways, driveways, porches, and any other spots where people need to step and walk.

These are just a few home exterior safety tips for you to implement around your home’s exterior. If you need more ideas or information about home insurance, feel free to contact Clemens Insurance Agency serving the Parsons, KS area.

What happens if there is a major event such as a fire and I don’t have an inventory?

When you protect your home in Parsons, KS by purchasing an insurance policy, you know you are doing the right thing by protecting your largest investment. If you got your policy through Clemens Insurance Agency, the agents should have explained the importance of making an inventory of all your valuables so that in the case of a catastrophic event, such as fire or burglary, you would have a list of your valuables ready for the claim. Most people don’t think about this as something that is important until the time is too late.

To file a claim, you will need to provide your insurance company with an inventory of all the property you have lost. If you do not have one already, you will need to create one. 

If the major loss occurred because of a fire, you might need to revisit the house even if it was a total loss. You can take photographs of all the damage, and draw a diagram of the home so you can note for yourself where the items were. By going one room at a time, you will find it easier to recreate how your items were arranged throughout the house. 

If you have receipts, it is helpful to provide them so that you can prove the value. You can also go to a store, like the one where you purchased your belongings, and list the prices. Places like Target are helpful because they will let you scan items in for a registry. 

If you suffered a loss in Parsons, KS and didn’t make an inventory, you can still do it. If you want to talk about coverage or need help protecting an inventory, please call Clemens Insurance Agency today.

What are some of the benefits that come with Home Insurance?

When you get a home insurance policy in Parsons, KS, you don’t just insure your home but also its components. From your personal property to medical bills for you and your guests who are injured at your home, Clemens Insurance Agency helps you cover the following:

  • Your house: The whole building and any attached structures, like the garage.
  • Personal property: This coverage helps in replacing destroyed furniture and other personal items that might be destroyed or stolen.
  • Living expenses: If for instance, you cannot stay in a house after a fire because of damages, your homeowner’s insurance will help you pay for basic expenses and accommodations.
  • Detached structures: All structures around your home are covered in the structures coverage policy. This includes the shed and fence.
  • Guests: When a guest or neighbor is accidentally injured at your home, your guest medical protection policy will pay for the medical bills incurred.
  • You and the family: If you or your pet happens to injure someone or damages someone’s property, liability coverage will pay for medical bills or any related repair costs.

There are more additional benefits that come with home insurance. Below are some of the other hidden and unknown benefits that may be covered by home insurance policy:

  1. Student property on campus under parent’s insurance.
  2. Spoiled food due to lack of power or due to natural disasters.
  3. Home business. 
  4. Damaged tombstones or grave markers.
  5. Legal cost fees that you may incur if sued for anything relating to your home.
  6. Stolen car, including items inside it.
  7. Personal possessions lost during camping trips.

In need of Home Insurance? Get a quote from Clemens Insurance Agency in Parsons, KS or visit our office for more information regarding home insurance.

What Parts Of My Home Will Home Insurance NOT cover?

Home insurance is a great investment to protect your home in the event of a disaster. Although, you should have realistic expectations that there are certain aspects of your home or property that are not protected. You should read your policy and understand what is or is not covered under it. You should also be diligent enough to learn Kansas’s home insurance laws to know your rights. To get competitively priced home insurance in Parsons, KS, Clemens Insurance Agency may have what you need.

Clogged Sewer Lines

Sewer lines can be problematic as they get older, which is the case in many homes in the United States. Pipelines can also get clogged by tree roots, sewage, and excess rainwater. Sewer backups can be more troublesome than a clogged toilet. It can sometimes back up water into the house and damage floors, walls, and its electrical system. Additional coverage will be required for most insurance policies.


Sinkholes are not particularly rampant in the area, but they will absolutely devastate a home when they do occur. These are basically gaps in the earth that happen after the rock is dissolved and will suddenly collapse. Insurance policies in Kansas will not cover damage from these disasters.

Termite infestation

Since so many homes in the country are made with wood, termites can be a major problem. As these little pests eat away at your walls and support beams, your home will eventually degrade and possibly collapse. The unfortunate part is that most home insurance policies will not cover this.

Now that you understand that you are not completely invincible with a home insurance policy, you can shop around with realistic expectations. You should always be responsible for taking care of certain parts of the property that are not covered so that you will not have to be a victim of a disaster. To check out a policy that fits your needs in Parsons, KS, be sure to reach out to the agents at Clemens Insurance Agency.