Does my auto insurance cover business use?

Does my auto insurance cover business use?

Clemens Insurance Agency wants you to make the most out of your side gig or full-time job in Parsons, KS. Many of today’s jobs like pizza delivery and Lyft or Uber driver pay well but require extra insurance. 

This blog examines whether a standard auto policy covers business use such as pizza delivery or driving for Uber. It does not.

You need specialized insurance if you want to drive your vehicle for delivery work. You are legally obligated to inform your insurance company of your job. If it finds out on its own, you could lose your insurance.

It gets worse. The insurer reports to others the reason you left their company. You must reveal it when you apply for new auto insurance. On typical forms, they inquire why you dropped your previous coverage and when. The new company checks with the old one and you can be denied for having lied to the first company.

How do they find out? You might get into an accident or have to deliver pizza to their house. The latter is just uncomfortable, but the worst-case scenario is the former because they probably will not pay for the accident.

You do not need a special policy if you only run work errands once in a while in your vehicle. If you simply drop off things occasionally for your boss or office on the scale of once per month, you do not need a commercial policy.

You need a commercial auto policy if you want to drive your car for business reasons. Visit Clemens Insurance Agency of Parsons, KS to discuss your auto insurance needs.

Should You Select Liability Only Insurance Once You Pay Off Your Financing?

If you are financing your automobile, you already know that the financing company requires you to carry full coverage auto insurance the entire time you are making your payments. Once you pay off your vehicle, you may wonder if you should continue to carry the same level of insurance or if you should downgrade to liability only. 

Changing Your Coverage

Once you pay off your vehicle, you may decide to decrease the amount of coverage you carry on your automobile. Only consider this option if your car is over ten years old, or you maintain your full coverage with less comprehensive coverage. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to financial losses as a result of minimal auto insurance coverage. Before making your decision, consult your auto insurance agent and let them help you find the right options for your needs.

Industry Insight

Working with an insurance agent who has a great deal of industry insight will allow you to make better coverage choices. They can outline your options and help you avoid mistakes along the way. If you want to make the most out of your coverage, consider obtaining your coverage from Clemens Insurance Agency serving the residents in and around the Parsons, KS area. They will work with you one-on-one to help you navigate the coverage process and keep you protected in the future. 

If you are unsure about the level of coverage you need after you pay off your vehicle, you should speak with an agent at Clemens Insurance Agency serving the Parsons, KS area. Get the answers to your questions and begin getting the insurance products you need today. Call or stop by the office for more details. 

Should You Add Your Teen Driver To Your Insurance?

One of the milestones of growing up for most teens is getting their driver’s license. Along with the license also comes questions about insurance coverage. Teens pose certain risks that more experienced drivers don’t. If you are a parent or guardian of a teen driver, you may be wondering if you should add them to your existing coverage.

Adding Teen Drivers To Existing Coverage

If you have a policy in place and decide to add your teen driver to your policy, you should be aware that they may cause your policy premiums to increase significantly. You may want to consider getting them their own policy, especially if they plan to cover their insurance costs. This will prevent your insurance from increasing, especially if they file a claim for an accident that was their fault. Consult your insurance agent for prices and additional information about teen drivers and the risks they pose to existing adult coverage. 

Finding The Right Coverage For Teens

Teen drivers need dependable coverage that is going to protect them from potential accidents, and other hazards that being a new driver can pose. If you are looking for complete coverage for your teen driver and live in or around the Parsons, KS area, you should contact Clemens Insurance Agency. They have knowledgeable agents who can help you get the right type and amount of coverage to protect your teen drivers.  

Don’t let your teen driver on the road without the right coverage. If you have questions about insurance and adding drivers to existing policies, you should call or stop by Clemens Insurance Agency. We provide excellent coverage for people living in the Parsons, KS area and beyond. 

How Much Auto Insurance Do You Need?

Auto insurance in Parsons, KS is tricky, and sometimes you may find yourself having too much or too little coverage. How much assurance you need depends on factors including state laws and lifestyle choices. Clemens Insurance Agency can help you finalize the details of your auto insurance policy. Here are three things to consider when determining how much coverage you may need. 

Minimum Coverage

Practically every state in the country requires car owners to have at least liability insurance. In general, the bare minimum for individual medical expenses is $15,000 per person. The lowest amount of coverage for car repairs is usually $5,000, which is not much when you consider that the average new car costs upwards of $25,000. You could find yourself financially responsible if your insurance payouts are not enough to completely cover all expenses during an at-fault accident. It is, therefore, best to obtain coverage that equals the value of your assets.


The highest deductible lowers your monthly payments. Cheaper deductibles cost more every month, but the result of paying more over time may be beneficial in the instance of an accident. Imagine only having to pay $250 when an incident occurs instead of $1,000 in significant damages and repairs by their insurance companies. Less out-of-pocket expenses could relieve pressure during crises. 

No-fault Insurance

The state of Kansas requires its drivers to obtain no-fault insurance that pays out regardless of who is responsible for the accident. This form of coverage also limits your ability to sue and be sued when payouts fall short, and expenses remain. Obtaining no-fault assurance in Parsons, KS is relatively expensive, so you should plan accordingly budget-wise. 

Clemens Insurance Agency can help you determine how much insurance you need to drive around town comfortably. Call an agent today to schedule an appointment!